Cycling & Mountain Bike

Whether you are in training or practicing, road cycling or mountain biking, you know just how physically challenging it can be.  Therefore, it is also extremely vital to make healthy lifestyle choices with supplementation and diet to endure such training.  Depending on frequency, duration and intensity, your sessions require a regimen that is strict and balanced on both parts.  By proper supplementation, you are replenishing your body of the nutrients it needs. This is what makes the differences and helps you attain those long-term goals in your training. Any experienced athlete knows and understands just how disastrous a mistake like this can be at this stage.

It is just as essential to supply your body with the necessary carbohydrates and proteins after any long-term strenuous training episode, as it is prior to the workout.  By doing so, the body will recover quicker and utilize the nutrients more efficiently during this time of rebuilding.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to keep your body properly hydrated prior to the event or training.  As well, it is ideal to consistently consume a carbohydrate drink, during your workout, with your last meal taken at least two hours prior to cycling.  This will assist in digestion and prevent any stomach discomfort or digestive issues. 

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