The past two years have been quite different from the previous ones, mainly because of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic around the world. Different areas have therefore been affected, such as the economy, education, legislation, and even sport. It is precisely the latter that interests us given that several new sports have been generated. In this article, discover the sports trends in 2021!


At a time when it is advisable to stay at home and where teleworking is emphasized, unsurprisingly, home sport is a hit. In addition to this, new technology is helping to improve this trend, particularly through social networks and video conferencing software. All over the web, it was easy to observe the creation of different live sessions given by experienced people to their communities.

In addition, various sporting challenges have emerged on social networks. Quickly, some went viral like the Handstand challenge (October 2020) launched by various big stars and influencers which consisted of removing your t-shirt while adopting the handstand / ATR position. At the same time, the sports equipment and accessories market has exploded! The purchase of muscle benches, wall-mounted pull-up bars, yoga mats, or even exercise bikes quickly sold out: a whole new mode of consumption was born!

Some practitioners preferred to practice their sport in a solitary manner while remaining connected to certain communities. This has been possible, thanks to smartwatches and hundreds of applications that allow you to measure different parameters (kilometers traveled, personal records, etc.) while giving the ability to compare your data with those of other practitioners across the world. Nothing is very surprising when we know that the periods of confinement have weighed heavily on our social issues. It's a great way to fight against loneliness or even depression.


In the parks or just in the street, outdoor sports are everywhere! These sports practices have increased by more than 30% according to Strava (2020). Here are two of many:

a) Running

Often confused with jogging, running is a way that follows a very organized training. The practitioners have specific objectives and follow a sports plan with different techniques. It has more of a rather intense aerobic aspect since the course of one kilometer is carried out faster than that carried out by a person jogging. In short, running has a more professional side. Running practitioners, for example, equip themselves with specific equipment and calculate the number of calories and what foods they will eat before and after their sport. It's good to know that running strengthens muscles and muscle tone, decreases stress, helps manage your weight, and helps keep your bones, joints, and heart-healthy.

b) The bicycle

Cycling is about exerting yourself while covering great distances. This sport is unsurprisingly a “star” sport during this epidemic episode, given that it is intended for men and women, children and adults. It also allows you to take it anywhere while seeking an effect of scenery "far from the coronavirus". It can be practiced in a more professional way, in particular, thanks to the establishment of sporting objectives based on the relationship between the distance traveled and the time is taken to complete it. The purchase of equipment is then inevitable by simply starting with the purchase of a more sophisticated bike.


No sport is better than others. In today’s time, non-team sports are in trend in order to reduce the impact of the epidemic.

Each sport has its style, its history, and its technique, but one thing is certain, some sports have been practiced more than others. In any case, the practice of sport is very important for your physical and mental health and to improve your immunity!

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