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  • Belgian Pancakes imported from Belgium
  • Delicious & Easy to make 
  • High protein & low carbs 
  • Cleanest protein cake 
  • High fiber and low sugar
REF: QNT1177

  • 34 Servings
  • 37% Protein
  • 1020 g Weight

Let yourself be tempted by delicious pancakes with a high protein content! Perfect solution for athletes who lead a healthy and balanced life, our PROTEIN PANCAKE will pamper your taste buds and nourish your muscles without feeling guilty. QNT pancakes are designed to provide you with the best energy and nutritional values when you need them most. With a balanced and tasty mix of proteins and carbohydrates, our pancakes will make a great addition to your meals.

The uses of PROTEIN PANCAKE are very diverse. You can use it to make pancakes, waffles. Whether in a frying pan, waffle iron, or pancake maker, this protein powder is the perfect ingredient in a healthy and creative kitchen that will delight your whole family. Don't wait any longer and try your cooking skills with protein pancakes!


QNT's PROTEIN PANCAKE is a product that is rich in protein and fiber, thus ensuring a strong nutritional intake. Thanks to this product, you can enjoy pancakes that are not only lower in calories than traditional ones, but also beneficial for your body. Perfect for a weight loss program or to support your muscle tone, the protein pancakes also provide real energy support that will help you perform better during your workouts.

Thanks to its complex formula rich in fiber and protein that is excellent for your body, PROTEIN PANCAKE is now a must-have ingredient in the most daring kitchens to prepare delicious breakfasts, snacks and desserts while promoting the health and well-being of the whole family. guaranteed. While traditional pancakes usually contain a large amount of flour, milk, eggs, and even more sweet syrups or jams, PROTEIN PANCAKE allows you to put together recipes that are quite the opposite. So we invite you to discover our tasty cocoa pancakes, after which you can never do without!

QNT pancakes


QNT Pancakes

Let PROTEIN PANCAKE conquer your kitchen and watch the whole family enjoy it! This dietary supplement will brighten up your meals at all times of the day while ensuring the healthy energy supply and energy gain needed to meet the challenges of everyday life. It's up to you to spice up your recipes with your favorite ingredients so that these protein pancakes become your favorite healthy snacks.

THE PROTEIN PANCAKE is a real ally for your weight loss and lean muscle mass programs. Say goodbye to unnecessary calories and replace traditional pancakes with protein pancakes, your body will thank you!

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  • Caffeine-free
  • Without shellfish
  • Without nuts

Oat flour, egg powder, whey protein isolate (contains milk), milk protein concentrate, dextrose, fructose, sodium chloride, thickeners: E466/E415, raising agent: E500, sweeteners: E955/E950, cinnamon extract, flavour.

/100 g /30 g
energy 418 kcal 125 kcal
fat 15.5g 4.7 g
- Saturates 4.6 g 1.4 g
carbohydrates 37.2 g 11.2 g
- Sugars 2.5 g 0.7 g
Fibers 5.18g 1.6 g
protein 36.7g 11 g
salt 0.76 g 0.23 g

Simply mix a 30 g scoop of QNT PANCAKE with 60 ml of skimmed milk or water until you get a classic pancake batter. Then bake the dough normally and enjoy a delicious PROTEIN PANCAKE!

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Verified Purchase 02/12/2021

very good

Rich, healthy and easy to make. I highly recommend them. They have much better ingredients than othe brands and more protein.

Verified Purchase 18/11/2021

I love it

Being on a diet is hard haha

Verified Purchase 14/11/2021

tastes good

love this product

Verified Purchase 07/11/2021

great protein source

I add blueberries while cooking and these are the best!

Verified Purchase 06/11/2021


Easy to make pancakes

Verified Purchase 05/11/2021



Verified Purchase 27/10/2021

Quick and Easy Pancakes

I love that all I have to do is to add water, mix, and fry. Top with butter and syrup, and have a tasty, filling breakfast.

Verified Purchase 25/10/2021

Great Tasting

Trying to eat a little healthier during lockdown but still make it fun, I thought I would try this pancake protein, all you need to add is water and perhaps a tiny bit of oil to grease a pan unless you have a good nonstick one. These pancakes rose slighty and had a lovely taste, and a light texture.

Verified Purchase 23/10/2021

Good protein

Everything was fine.

Verified Purchase 18/10/2021

Good taste and texture

It exceeded my expectations, I liked its taste and texture.

Verified Purchase 11/10/2021

Not too heavy

Great taste

Verified Purchase 01/10/2021


Been craving for pancakes and satisfied my watery mouth

Verified Purchase 09/09/2021


Great tasting, easy prep, good protein kick with low carbs!



This is the best, tastes great even on its own, without any sauces

Verified Purchase 07/08/2021

great product

It's so quick to make, very easy to mix!
Highly recommended.

Verified Purchase 03/08/2021

Very good mix

Easy to mix and use. Very convincing pancakes, very nice. I’d mix it with nut milk instead of water for a thicker result.

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Is QNT an Indian brand or a Foreign brand?

QNT is one of Europe's top brands in sports and nutrition and the headquarter is in Belgium. It's present in more than 60 countries worldwide and most of the products are manufactured and imported directly from Belgium.

In which country this product is getting manufactured?

It is manufactured and imported directly from Belgium.

Is this vegetarian?

No, it contains egg albumin.

Are protein pancakes healthy?

Yes, they are a good source of protein, designed with complex carbohydrates to provide energy

that contributes to muscle growth and lean body maintenance.

How do you make protein pancakes?

To make one pancake, mix 1 scoop with milk or water. Pour it into a non-stick pan and cook on

medium heat for 5 minutes until it gets golden brown on both sides.

When should I eat protein pancakes?

You can have pancakes at any time of the day, especially for breakfast or evening as it contains

protein which makes you full yet light and energetic.

Can a diabetic person eat pancakes?

Our pancakes are low in sugar, so they are safe and healthy but if you are diabetic, we suggest consulting a doctor before using them.

How much do you charge for delivering the product?

We don't charge a single penny for delivering our products. It's free of cost and we deliver all over India.

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