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PUMP Extra Concentrated Liquid Pre- Workout Navel Orange 450 ml

PUMP Extra Concentrated Liquid Pre- Workout Navel Orange 450 ml

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Explosive Liquid Pre-Workout for Intense Workout 

4.5g of Beta-Alanine for Instant Pump

Increased Concentration with Caffeine

Rapid Absorption for Immediate Energy

Boosts Metabolism Naturally with L-Arginine

Navel Orange
  • Peach

  • 30 Servings
  • 450 ml Weight

PUMP is a thunderous Liquid Pre-Workout that provides you with immediate energy so that you can push yourself beyond Limits. This power-packed performance booster is enriched with the goodness of Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Caffeine, L-Arginine, and L-Citrulline empowers you for harder and longer pumps.
PUMP is a clean source of energy and adds no hike in your daily calorie intake. With additional ingredients like Niacinamide, Theanine, and Vitamin B6, it helps in the rapid absorption of nutrients, leading to maximum energy for an advanced workout. It also helps in instant muscle recovery followed by an intense session.
The liquid formula is easy to take and easy to absorb. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts. PUMP comes in two serving sizes depending on your frequency of visiting the gym. The recommended serving size for beginners is 20 ml while 40 ml is the recommended serving size for regular users. Get PUMP for that dream body!


Regular consumption of PUMP can help you with:

Enhanced Performance and Energy levels

Enhanced blood flow for Muscle Endurance

Naturally boosted metabolism 

Advanced muscle gain with Beta-Alanine



Caffeine: For Alert Body

Caffeine in PUMP helps burn those extra calories as it boosts your resting metabolic rate by increasing noradrenaline levels.

Its effect on brain receptors keeps you focused and active. 

Each serving of PUMP (15ml) has 100 mg of Caffeine.

Beta-Alanine: For Maximum Strength

Beta-alanine is supremely beneficial for HIIT workouts. It adds an instant pump to your body making it super energetic for intense workouts.

It improves performance during heavy lifts and delays fatigue.

One serving of PUMP (15ml) has 2250 mg of Beta-Alanine.

L-Citrulline: For Faster Muscle Recovery

Citrulline is naturally produced in the body and improves athletic performance and weight-lifting capacity.

It aids in faster muscle recovery and reduces post-workout muscle soreness.

Each serving of Pump (15ml) has 1200 mg of L citrulline.

L-Arginine: Natural Metabolism Booster

Naturally produced in the body it boosts the body’s many essential functions

It aids in improving exercise performance, Immunity, blood flow heart, health, and more.

One serving of PUMP (15ml) adds 1250 mg of L-arginine to your diet.

Taurine: For Improved Muscle Function

This naturally occurring amino acid is essential for improving Digestion, Metabolism, and the Nervous system.

It  protects muscles from damage and improves exercise capability 

Each serving of PUMP (15ml) has 750 mg of Taurine.


Blueberry Peach: Pump up your energy with the zestful fruit blast of berries and peaches. Berry Berry Delicious!
Navel Orange: What better way to start your workout than with the energizing whiff of fresh oranges. Get Transported to a different world!

Pre-workout: Mistakes to Avoid

It's important to be mindful when you take your pre-workout. The product's effects and absorption begin at least 20 minutes after consumption. So plan the intake accordingly. We recommend that you save for intense sessions (for example workouts involving the legs rather than arms). The effect will be counterproductive if you take it too frequently because the body will require higher doses of caffeine, which will make you uncomfortable. You may experience the opposite of what you intended as a result of an overdose. Therefore, it is critical that you do not overdose.

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  • Non GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Without milk
  • Without eggs
  • Without nuts
  • Gluten free
  • Soy-free
Nutrition Facts Beginners Advanced
Energy 6.80 kcal 13.6 kcal
Protein  0.80 g  1.60 g
Carbohydrates  0.900 g 1.8 g
L Carnitine  1500 mg  3000 mg
Beta Alanine  2250 mg  4500 mg
L Arginine Hydrochloride  1250 mg  2500 mg 
L Citrulline Malate  1200 mg  2400 mg
Taurine  750 mg  1500 mg
Caffeine  100 mg  200 mg

Should be consumed 20 minutes before the workout with 200ml water.

People's choice

Verified Purchase 02/05/2023

Mixes easy & good taste

Workouts can't get any better than this.

Verified Purchase 25/04/2023

Great for athletes.Better Results

Outstanding value, quality, and taste!

Verified Purchase 07/04/2023


The product has worked, it provides good support during training, and the taste is good.

Verified Purchase 02/03/2023

Genuine product

Highly recommend for anyone looking to up their fitness game!

Verified Purchase 09/02/2023

Intense focus

No amount of coffee seemed to motivate me to have a good workout. So I bought this and the first time I tried..I physically felt very energetic and mentally focused

Verified Purchase 01/02/2023


Feels pretty strong.. definitely had a good effect getting me moving and lifting heavy today.

Verified Purchase 28/01/2023


I have recently started using this and do feel the power.

Verified Purchase 24/01/2023

Just what I expected

Very good, it doesn't feel tickling so much, so I like it.

Verified Purchase 18/01/2023

Burst of energy

Would highly recommend taking this alongside Creatine to get the most benefits out of it. Liquid formula gives instant results. Go for it.

Verified Purchase 29/12/2022

Preworkout that works

Energy levels are not out of hand but good enough to get me through intense workouts. I like that it has good amounts of beta alanine.

Verified Purchase 27/12/2022

Superb energy booster

I have seen noticeable results over the last three weeks and plan on continuing to use this product.

Verified Purchase 23/12/2022

Great taste and mixes well.

Gives me a good little boost and no crash afterward. Love it.

Verified Purchase 21/12/2022

Preworkout that works

Amazing pre, gives massive pumps and energy. I’ve been a bodybuilder for over 10 years and I’ve used them all, this definitely stands out the best.

Verified Purchase 15/12/2022

Good Taste and result

Super booster, strong beta alanine in it so that you can really feel it, the taste is nice too.

Verified Purchase 14/12/2022


It tastes good and works. Had significantly more strength during training.

Verified Purchase 09/12/2022

Perfect for me

Useful for those who play a lot of sport or have a very active life. I felt the difference especially in sports with a lot of cardio. I advise

Verified Purchase 05/12/2022

This is really good

It is a highly recommended product, excellent, it lifts your spirits even if you don't feel like training.


Natural taste

I have tried many orange-flavored supplements but they all taste very artificial. This one doesn't taste like that. Good product.

Verified Purchase 25/10/2022


I tried the orange flavor and it literally feels like real oranges in my mouth. Rest it also offers that instant energy my body needs before workout.

Verified Purchase 22/10/2022


I saw the amazing ingredients and decided to buy, hope to observe good result.

Verified Purchase 21/10/2022

Would recommend

The liquid formula is easy to consume and gets absorbed rapidly. So far its been showing positive results, I hope this continues.

Verified Purchase 20/10/2022

I like it

Instant energy ke liye best.



Nice pre workout for beginners.

Verified Purchase 18/10/2022

Instant energy

I like this pre-workout. Abhi abhi use karna shuru kiya hai but it is looking good as of now, will wait for results

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