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BELGIAN WAFFLES PROTEIN are high rated protein waffles (Whey Isolate) with low sugar and calories. They are recommended in a weight loss program or in a high protein need (e.g. for sports results) or even for maintaining muscle tone.


FLAVOUR: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate


USE: For one waffle, fill a shaker with 60ml water or skimmed milk and add 1 scoop (30g) of the mix. shake the mixture thoroughly and pour it in a waffle iron. bake the waffle. also suitable for pancakes

INGREDIENTS: oat flour (contains gluten), egg powder, whey protein isolate (contains milk, emulsifier e322), milk protein concentrate, cocoa powder (theobroma cacao) 4%, dextrose, flavour, cocoa extract (theobroma cacao), fructose, sodium chloride, thickeners: e466/e415, sweeteners: e950/e955, raising agent: e500(ii), cinnamon extract (cinnamomum cassia).

ALLERGEN INFORMATION : Contains milk, egg, gluten.



• High rate protein with whey isolate

• Low sugar


Product Reviews

05 nov 2019
Prasoon M
Protein Waffles That Actually Taste Good!

They are super easy to make, you only need one ingredient! I know what you are thinking, protein waffles? Gross right? But I'm totally serious…these are so good! I bet you if you fed these to your kids, they would not be able to tell a difference.

05 nov 2019
Prasoon M
Get this before it sells out!

Delicious and so easy! I always up the protein factor, adding eggs and soy, almond, regular or skim milk. Great sprinkled with almonds, walnuts and/or blueberries before you flip over. I load em up! Always keep some on hand for a quick whenever meal.

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Waffles Protein

Waffles Protein
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