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Vegan Protein


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Product Description

Vegan Protein is the ideal supplement for vegetarians or vegans looking for an additional source of high-quality protein. It is also certified soy-free, lactose-free and sugar-free. With 73 calories per serving of 20 g, Vegan Protein is particularly recommended for people who are dieting or who are willing to stay in shape. With its delicious taste, Vegan Protein will quickly become the protein of choice for people who prefer alternative protein sources.


The unique formula of Vegan Protein is a balanced mix of pea and rice protein, two of the best plant protein sources available. The first, pea protein, is very easily digested and quickly assimilated by the body. It is also rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), which are particularly important to help the body recover and rebuild muscle fibres after intense physical effort. The second, rice protein, is an excellent plant protein source and it is particularly valuable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. 


Indeed, one of the advantages of Vegan Protein plant protein blend is that it is suitable for anyone with lactose or gluten intolerance since it does not contain any of it, unlike traditional whey proteins. No one is left behind with Vegan Protein. If you've always had a hard time finding a protein suiting your lifestyle, now you've found the right one! 


Vegan Protein is also ideal for people who want to lose weight or who want to maintain it during a period of stabilization. Indeed, it contains no sugar and each serving has just 73 calories! 


Vegan Protein is available in three delicious flavours: Vanilla Macaroon,  Chocolate Muffin and Red Fruit Party. Enough to satisfy gourmet desires, while reaching your perfect protein intake in a healthy and controlled way! To get the most out of Vegan Protein, mix a 20g serving with 250 ml of water daily, before or after training. 

PACKAGING: 500 g, 908 g

USE: Mix daily 1 scoop of 20g with 250ml of water

INGREDIENTS: pea protein isolate 55,9%, rice protein 23,9%, cocoa powder (theobroma cacao) 14%, thickening agents: guar gum/xanthan gum, natural flavour, acidity regulator: monopotassium phosphate, sodium chloride, sweetener: sucralose.


• High pea and rice protein content

• Sugar free

• Lactose free

• Gluten free

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Product Reviews

05 nov 2019
Prasoon M
Love the flavor

This is the best tasting protein powder I've ever tried. Since switching from whey to vegan protein powder, this product has been much better for my digestion. Love both the vanilla macron and chocolate muffin flavours. I enjoy having this in smoothies and mixed into protein pancakes after heavy strength training workouts.

05 nov 2019
Prasoon M
Great product, easy to use

This is not something that you want to add to yogurt by itself. We "hide" it for it's great nutritional protein and fiber values. I add frozen berries and almond milk and it makes a nice thick healthy protein shake, which keeps us satisfied until mid morning.

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Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein
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