1 tbsp chopped pistachio

1 tbsp gluten-free Oreo cookies


1 frozen banana

100 ml almond milk

1 teaspoon of cold water

1 tbsp coconut pieces

1 teaspoon of stevia

50 g Light Digest Whey protein  (White chocolate)


15 min.
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Melt with pleasure with our frozen protein cake. Ideal to finish summer meals in a cool way. With this quick and easy recipe, you don't have to spend hours behind the stove to enjoy yourself. A gourmet and healthy cake that combines a crunchy texture with a soft protein iced topping.  What to savor the summer without feeling guilty.

qnt light digest protein cake


Step 1:  Take pistachios and cut oreo cookies and crush them on the base of your cake pan. You can optionally put a small amount of agave to make it firmer.

Step 2:  Refrigerate until you prepare the cream.

Step 3: Take the frozen banana out of the freezer and cut it and blend it in a powerful blender.

Step 4: Add milk and water. Mix again.

Step 5:  Add the protein powder,  crumbs, stevia.

Step 6:  When you are done, pour the mixture into your cake pan.

Step 7: Put in the freezer overnight.

Step 8: Decorate with your favorite fruit.

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