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Delicious Whey Protein Blend Belgian Chocolate 2Kg

Delicious Whey Protein Blend Belgian Chocolate 2Kg

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  • 48.3g of whey protein per 2 servings
  • Zero sugar added
  • Helps in the growth of muscle mass
REF: QNT1300
Belgian Chocolate
  • Cookie Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Vanilla

  • 60 Servings
  • 2,2 g Sugar added
  • 74% Protein
  • 2 kg Weight

Delicious Whey Protein is a blend of natural protein that helps maintain and increase muscle mass. Thanks to its clever blend of Whey protein isolate and hydrolysate, it provides all the essential amino acids for optimal muscle growth. Available in many flavors, Delicious Whey Protein is particularly creamy and pleasant to the taste buds.

Delicious Whey also stands out from conventional powders because it is extremely soluble. This means that it remains pleasant to drink with a smooth lump-free texture in your shaker. This whey with a balanced composition and attractive flavours is suitable for both experienced athletes as well as for beginners to support them in their muscular growth with a perfect protein intake.


Whey, a protein extracted from cow's milk, is very popular in the world of sport and more particularly in bodybuilding for its many beneficial properties. Rich in amino acids, quick to absorb, and with a high biological value, this protein proves to be the ideal ally for performance-conscious athletes.


Protein is the essential element for muscle contraction, growth, and recovery. The amount of protein available in the body will directly affect how the muscle will develop. The high-quality whey protein in Delicious Whey contains all the essential amino acids and is absorbed very quickly by the intestine to make the most of the metabolic window that opens after training. Thanks to these qualities, whey protein is one of the best supplements available to help stimulate muscle growth.

It is by synthesizing the protein available in the body that muscle fibers will grow and strengthen. With a high concentration of whey protein and very little sugar and carbohydrate, Delicious Whey acts directly on the muscles to help them promote their growth in a significant way. As part of a sporty and healthy lifestyle, its beneficial effects on muscle mass are increased tenfold.


Whey protein can help preserve lean body mass.

delicious whey

It is now widely recognized that protein-based diets are not only very effective but also have many metabolic benefits, such as reducing blood sugar levels and improving satiety. It will therefore contribute to better and more stable body composition. Considered a complete protein, it has a natural supply of amino acids that will maximize the results produced by working out. Therefore, Delicious Whey is not only useful to help promote muscle growth, but also to help weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.


With a high concentration of protein and naturally present amino acids, Delicious Whey will help the optimal recovery of muscles after workout sessions. This will maximize exercise results and allow you to follow through with workouts without losing energy. Better muscle recovery directly impacts performance in subsequent sessions, allowing your muscles to train better and for longer. The amino acids naturally present in whey protein will also help reduce cramps caused by the most intense workouts.

delicious whey protein

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  • Caffeine-free
  • Without shellfish
  • Gluten free
  • Without nuts
  • Without eggs
  • Lactose free

Proteins (whey protein concentrate (contains milk), whey protein isolate (contains milk, emulsifiers: soja/sunflower lecithin), whey protein hydrolysate (contains milk)), flavour, thickening agents E412 & E415, sweetener E955, colour E160a.

Contains milk, soya. This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Reference Flavour : BELGIAN CHOCOLATE

/100 g /33 g
Energy 395 kcal 130.35 kcal
Fat 7.07 g 2.33 g
- Saturates 4.40 g 1.45 g
Carbohydrates 10.55 g 3.48 g
- Sugars 7.21 g 2.38 g
Proteins 73.23 g 24.17 g
Salt 0.31 g 0.10 g

To prepare one serving, add a scoop of 30g (approx.) to a shaker and add  250 ml chilled water to it. Shake well and enjoy amazing drink.

People's choice


OMG!! In Love with this flavour

The best protein powder out there! Never go wrong with Vanilla.


Better than others

wow i cant even describe how mch i love this flavour . It is amazing.

Verified Purchase 22/07/2020

Lovely Flavour

Great and good to use ..No side effects 



Overall good result.

Verified Purchase 03/07/2020

taste amazing

Just Like its name, delicious. It's a pretty good general purpose protein comparatively speaking.

Verified Purchase 02/07/2020


Product is amazing, because this actually feels you more relax, i highly recommend this product.


Actually impressed

My current favorite flavor 



Great product, highly recommened.



Great protein powder. Mixes well and tastes amazing. I would highly recommend this to a friend.

Verified Purchase 25/05/2020


Great protein for the price. Tastes great, mixes well in either milk or water, and is priced very well. Rich Chocolate is always a winner.


10 out of 10

10/10 Just by looking at the front of the tub, you can tell you are getting quality protein.

Verified Purchase 13/05/2020


This is one of my favorite whey protein. I felt more stamina and power after I started using it. Taste is also great.

Verified Purchase 13/05/2020

Low in Carbs

I've always loved how clean the QNT powders are and this whey protein is no different. I use my whey supplements before and after my workouts as I feel like a protein powder is easy to digest and doesn't leave my stomach feeling too full during my workouts. And it also helps to kick-start my recovery when my sessions are over.


5 Star

first whey flavour I have tried, and it really exceeded my expectations.

Verified Purchase 30/04/2020

Good value for money

I like it better than ON Iso-Whey, gold or Platnium. It mixes really well with little water, no clumps, etc.


Good one

Great flavors, mixes well, nice nutrition profile, not any fillers. Overall a great product for the price.


No Regrets

Easy to fit in as a meal.

Verified Purchase 16/04/2020


Very helpful in weight management.


Great Taste

I have not tried any protein powder from QNT until now. All I can say is wow! I love the flavor of this protein. To be honest, it is the best tasting protein powder I have had in a very long time. Mixes great, taste great with water, even more so with Almond Milk. Overall great profile with the protein. Will be getting this again!

Verified Purchase 03/04/2020


QNT did a great job with this product! Will definitely be buying more in the future.

Verified Purchase 01/04/2020

My Favourite

I've been using this protein and specifically the Belgian Chocolate flavor for over two (2) years and have been very pleased with the macros, solubility, taste and Informed Choice certification.

Verified Purchase 28/03/2020

Amazing Flavour

Great Product! Love the flavor!!


Thank you

I switched to this brand this month from ON which I've been taking for over a year now because it was on sale. This is much less sweet than other proteins, but I actually prefer it.

Verified Purchase 16/03/2020


Worth buying it.


Monster Drink

The best value for money protein, can't better it. The ingredients are just perfect.

Verified Purchase 11/03/2020

Nice Flavour

In my opinion this stuff has the best flavor for the best price

Verified Purchase 26/02/2020


Best imported product in India.


Best in market

a nice amount of protein per scoop . a blend of 3 different proteins , each scoop also has a nice amount of aminos and glutamine . tastes good , and no digestion issues .

Verified Purchase 02/02/2020

Good one

Excellent protein I really did notice a different while I was on it. blends easy and doesn't leave any undissolved particles

Verified Purchase 01/02/2020

tasty treat

Recommended to my friends and they loved it.

Verified Purchase 27/01/2020


Taste is a little bitter but good quality protein



My absolute favorite protein!

Verified Purchase 13/01/2020

Help recover fast

I got this in the flavor Chocolate because I figured I could mix it with water and peanut butter to make it into pudding and when I had it this way it really tastes a lot like cake batter



I have been really impressed with this product!


Give it a try

The protein powder itsself is good quality,

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What is QNT all about?

QNT is a Belgium-based sports nutrition company. It has been the number #1 seller in Belgium for the last few years and exporting to 60 countries. QNT India is a subsidiary of QNT Belgium here in India. The product range is vast and each product is manufactured with extensive research, certified manufacturing units, and high-quality ingredients.

Is this a vegetarian powder?

Yes, it's purely vegetarian. For more information about the ingredients, you can check the nutritional facts.

What is the number of servings?

In 2kg you will get 60 servings while in 908g you will get 27 servings.

How long is it good for after opening?

It stays good for 3 to 6 months after opening the Jar.

Is it equipped with the necessary Scoop?

Yes, you will find the scoop inside the jar.

What is the product's expiration date if it is not mentioned?

Manufacturing dates are always mentioned on the products jar. The expiration date of delicious whey is 36 months from the date of manufacturing. If you can't find out the manufacturing date then you can contact us on WhatsApp at 8929574224.

Where this is manufactured?

It is manufactured and imported directly from Belgium.

Is there a shaker included with the order or do we have to purchase it separately?

We give shakers to our customers with their orders as a gift from QNT.

What diet should I follow if I use this product?

Diet is linked with a specific goal like weight loss, weight gain, or if you're a sportsperson or athlete. You can send us a message on WhatsApp at 8929574224 for more details.

Can I still use this product if I don't exercise?

Yes, you can take this even if you aren't working out but in a limited quantity just to fulfill the protein requirement.

What happens if I stop using this supplement?

Nothing will happen. It's a myth that you will get fat or lose muscles. This happens when you stop doing the workout.

What are the benefits of using whey protein?

There are numerous benefits you get from taking whey protein. some of them are strength increase, muscle gain, and weight management.

Is it made up of digestive enzymes?

Yes, it contains digestive enzymes for better absorption by the body.

Can I drink a protein shake empty stomach?

Yes, you can take it on an empty stomach. It is in liquid form so it will be easily digested and absorbed.

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