Reward and Recognition

We are delighted to announce that QNT wins Best brand for excellence in Sports Nutrition and Advanced quality Isolate Protein - Metapure. Awarded by CIMS Medica at the 5th Grand Edition of Nutrition & Wellness Awards 2019 on 7th December Saturday at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai

At QNT, from the thinking process, quality is already at the forefront!

All of our products are developed with high-quality ingredients. They are all manufactured in Europe, following very strict standards set for the production of nutritional supplements as well as sports nutrition in certified facilities such as HACCP, GMP, GMO-FREE, ISO9001, and ISO22000.

In order to obtain perfect regularity, we control the production from the beginning to its very end.

According to us, there are many other essential aspects: we make a point of ensuring efficient logistics and optimal traceability, all of our products are registered and notified among the European authorities, etc.

To conclude, we constantly work on our quality management system's optimization, so that we can keep the promises made to our customers and we continue to earn and deserve their trust.

Team QNT

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