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  • Helps in Weight Loss & Management
  • Converts Fat into Energy
  • Help to Reduce Fatigue by Boosting energy
  • Supports Athletic Performance
  • Helps in Muscle Recovery

In this new ultra-concentrated formula, you will find 1 gram of L-Carnitine per tablet for even more amazing results. With the intake of just one tablet, you ensure a sufficient L-Carnitine intake to guarantee significant aid in weight loss and endurance during your efforts. Don't wait any longer and take advantage of this new ultra-concentrated formula to take your weight loss to the next level!

The L-Carnitine is a supplement that is of interest both for athletes wishing to boost their performance than for those wishing to lose weight. Known for over a hundred years in the world of sport for its ability to mobilize fat, this supplement also helps to ration glycogen and increase the circulation of oxygen in the blood. This makes it the ideal partner for athletes who need explosiveness, endurance, and strength in their training. Synthesized in the body by the liver, it is a non-essential amino acid naturally found in red meat.

The L-Carnitine therefore has multiple beneficial effects, the best known being consistent aid to fat loss. Acting positively on endurance, L-Carnitine has positioned itself over time as one of the star supplements in bodybuilding and endurance sports. Naturally present in the muscles, L-Carnitine is the ideal food supplement as part of a weight control diet accompanied by sports activity.


L-Carnitine is widely known for its fat burner properties. Indeed, during workouts, the body burns energy that it will first draw from muscle glycogen. After a certain point, energy will also be drawn from fatty acids. This is when L-Carnitine comes in: it will help your body draw on fatty masses faster and more efficiently. By increasing the overall energy production of your body, pure muscle energy is therefore less required. The increase in the level of L-Carnitine in the body will indeed save muscle glycogen and therefore draw more energy from fat masses. L-Carnitine therefore allows optimal fat burning.

By coupling the production of energy from muscles and fatty acids, L-Carnitine reserves therefore make it possible to reduce fatigue and push training further without lowering intensity. The mobilization of fatty acids, by improving endurance during exercises will therefore also allow you to burn more fat - since this allows you to train for longer. What's more, even when you're not working out, L-Carnitine will help the body better manage its fat stores so that it doesn't take hold. By naturally converting fatty acids into energy, your body will burn fat throughout the day and thus prevent it from being stored in the body. In addition, the energy gain created allows optimal recovery for longer and more intensive workouts.


The L-Carnitine will naturally come and help to better circulation of oxygen in the blood. Therefore, by increasing the maximum oxygen uptake in the body during exercise, this has a direct impact on performance. The consumption of L-Carnitine can help to obtain a “second wind” effect during workouts, especially those that require endurance and cardio. This additional energy which benefits the body through the transformation of fatty acids is therefore particularly valued. For comparison, L-Carnitine is better than caffeine for energy. Indeed, the latter will offer a rapid and short-term energy gain while L-Carnitine has more lasting effects which will therefore be more efficient for your workouts.

The second source of energy provided by L-Carnitine is also much more interesting. Indeed, directly converted from fat, it is almost infinite because the body is able to store the lipids necessary for this transformation. Thus, the process of energy creation is perpetually renewed while sparing the muscles. Finally, L-Carnitine reduces fatigue and allows better recovery after exercise. Due to the capacity of this supplement to transport more oxygen to the muscles, not only the performance in training is increased but the efforts also seem easier. L-Carnitine therefore helps boost overall energy and endurance during workouts.

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L-carnitine L-tartrate (77%), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate: E570, silicon dioxide: E551

/ 1 tab / 100g
3.78 kcal 290.76 kcal 
0 g 0 g
0 g 0 g
0.08 g 6.15 g
0 g 0 g
1 g 76.9 g
0 g 0 g
1 g 76.9 g

Take 1 serving in between meals, 30-45 minutes before or immediately after workouts with your post-workout meal.

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Verified Purchase 01/02/2024

Fat shredder

It helped me burn my extra fat. Good product for fat loss

Verified Purchase 11/10/2023

Great Product

Great product, easily digestable

Verified Purchase 01/09/2023

Good product

Good product for athletes

Verified Purchase 05/04/2022


It's 100% useful for vegetarians


Helps in weight loss

Helps in weight loss..Just take it before ur workout or any time in day..It helps in burning fats from our body and greatly reduce weight..


Great taste

Great taste one of the best mass gainer i can ever used, this product is the best all of the brand

Verified Purchase 14/12/2021


Fast delivery prompt and product tastes good. Great value for money

Verified Purchase 11/12/2021

Best Choice

U will see a good improvement after having it for 2 weeks itself!! Good product

Verified Purchase 09/12/2021

Five Stars

Good product I got the result please try guys

Verified Purchase 09/12/2021

No pain No gain

I gained 10 kgs . You need to eat & heavy exercise.


Mixed properly

Too good effect my body.... must buy

Verified Purchase 05/12/2021

Good product for fast mass gaining

This product is good for weight gain nice result full value of money.

Verified Purchase 05/12/2021

Five Stars

taste is awesome result is also so good i gained 4 kgs in one month.

Verified Purchase 05/12/2021

Great Product

Definitely a great choice under mass gainer category.


Better than others!!

Really good!!! It is better to drink after workout as suggested. I have Gained 5 kg with this. Really happy with masisve mass as it is better than other protein powders I have used before.

Verified Purchase 03/12/2021

Nice result

Excellent product as expected. Thank you

Verified Purchase 02/12/2021

Excellent product

For me it's a best mass gainer...

Verified Purchase 01/12/2021

Hats off to QNT

it's best choice to weight gaining and I bought chocolate flavor it's awesome taste

Verified Purchase 01/12/2021

Best mass gainer

Best mass gainer for the skinny people. Great in taste, mixes easily and doesn't make your stomach heavy after consuming. I have been using the product from sometime and seen good outcome.

Verified Purchase 24/10/2021

More than expected

I ordered this L carnitine liquid and crude isolated whey 26 gr from Big Muscles . first time using of workout supplement in my life but got impressive results


Very effective product

I use this product for developing my core and abs and i can really see a good result talk about flavors I guess they should give more flavors and if we talk about value for money it's really very affordable



Helps to reduce body Fat

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