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SKINNY Protein Kesar Kaju Pista 400g

SKINNY Protein Kesar Kaju Pista 400g

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Superior Protein for Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

Prevent your skin from Wrinkles, and Fine-lines with Marine Collagen

Contains L Carnitine that Burns Fat at a Faster Rate

Nourished and Hydrated skin with Hyaluronic Acid

Rich in Antioxidants like Astaxanthin and Coenzyme Q10

Contains Biotin for Skin, Hair Volume, and Strong Nails

Kesar Kaju Pista
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  • 32 Servings
  • 6g Protein
  • 400 g Weight
  • 15mcg Biotin

Skinny is a revolutionary 2-in-1 anti-aging and pro-weight loss supplement with the goodness of Biotin, Collagen boosters, L-carnitine, Multivitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants, everything in a scoop that makes you look good and feel good!

India’s first expert Skincare protein that prevents skin sagging that is inevitable with Weight Loss. Skinny helps in toning your muscles and maintaining youthfulness while helping you reduce kilos and inches.

Its special lightweight formula is easily absorbed by the body. Skinny contains a superior 6g of protein per scoop of 12.5g with only 45.7 kcal. Skinny is your go-to protein for that perfect silhouette with holistic care for Skin, Hair, and Nails.


Collagen: Helps you age like fine wine
With Collagen as one of the main ingredients, Skinny works wonderfully to avoid premature aging. It prevents the skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and under-eye bags. 

Adds elasticity and natural luster to your skin.

Skinny works on repairing damaged skin and improving skin elasticity while extending support to bones and joints.

BiotinThe secret ingredient for glowing skin, hair, and nails

One scoop of Skinny adds 15 mcg of Biotin to your diet and aids in smooth, flawless skin texture.

Skinny also helps improve hair follicle health and nourishes nail cuticles.

Hyaluronic Acid: For hydrated and supple skin

Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

It is also effective in reducing skin wrinkles, lines, and scarring.

Astaxanthin: The Spectacular Antioxidant

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that has a calming effect on the skin and protects it from damage.

Astaxanthin in your diet also contributes to improved immune system functionality, heart health, and endurance.

L-Carnitine: The natural safe fat burner

L-carnitine burns fat naturally and transforms it into energy.

Each scoop of Skinny Protein has 250 mg of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that works to eliminate extra sebum leaving smooth spotless skin.



Wellness is for everyone. Collagen, l-carnitine, and biotin, among other nutrients, have been shown to be greatly effective for your good health and holistic wellness.


Kesar Kaju Pista: India's favorite flavor with healing properties of Kesar and wholesome real Kaju-Pista pieces.
Irish Chocolate: You can't help but fall in love with the irresistible premium Irish Chocolate
Rose Basil: Open the box of aroma and treat yourself to the freshness of Rose and Basil that soothes and nourishes irritated skin.

Skinny's delicious flavors complement its high nutritional content well.

Skinny Protein: The Fuel to Keep you Slim and Youthful 

A Skinny Protein shake prior to a workout session: Burns fat at a faster rate
Prevents Skin Sagging due to Weight Loss
Leaves you with a gorgeous post-workout glow

Start your weight loss journey on a confident note with Skinny. Replace your daily meals and snacks with this low-calorie, high-protein delicious drink and bring in your transformation in front of the world.

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  • Non GMO
  • Without shellfish
  • Gluten free
  • Caffeine-free

Marine Collagen (Fish Collagen), Whey Protein Concentrate, Skim Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Alkalized Cocoa Powder, inulin, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Thickener (INS 415), HLA (hyaluronic acid), Sweetener (INS 955), Sweetener (INS 950), Biotin, Coenzyme Q10, Digezyme***

Nutritional Information (approx.) ##Per Serving 12.50 g Contains


45.70 kcal


(From Marine Collagen)




Total sugars

Added sugars




Total Fat

Saturated fat

Trans fat






Vitamin C 30mg
Biotin 15mcg
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 250.00mg
Inulin 250.00mg
HLA (Hyaluronic Acid) 100.00mg

To prepare one serving, add 12.5g (approx.) powder in a shaker and add 150-180 ml water. Shake well before drinking.

People's choice

Verified Purchase 02/01/2024

Rosel basil is really tasty

Rose basil was a new flavor for me. Its refreshing and unique. Give it a try

Verified Purchase 17/09/2023

Protein for Women

I would say this is the best product fro women. It added glow to my skin, very good product

Verified Purchase 09/09/2023

Quality taste

Skinny has multiple flavors, i liked irish chocolate

Verified Purchase 05/09/2023


My gym trainer suggested me skinny, it helped me improve my skin tone, i recommed its use to others also.

Verified Purchase 01/07/2023


it is affordable product

Verified Purchase 30/06/2023


i am satisfied with service,taste and quality

Verified Purchase 29/06/2023

smells like kesar

apart from taste it also smells like kesar

Verified Purchase 28/06/2023

Burned my fat

This product burned my fat

Verified Purchase 27/06/2023

Authentic product

U know a lotof companies sell false product. But they are authentic source of protein


I recommend

I recommend the use of the product

Verified Purchase 24/06/2023

Loved it

The product is superb. must try guys


real ingredients

It taste like real kaju as if added in reality

Verified Purchase 22/06/2023


The taste is perfect

Verified Purchase 21/06/2023

Made my skin shinny

The product helped my skin to become shinny

Verified Purchase 19/06/2023

Expectations met

This product exceeded my expectations

Verified Purchase 18/06/2023

Authentic Brand

The seller went above and beyond to get me my order after having an issue with the USPS. I will definitely be ordering more!

Verified Purchase 17/06/2023

Timely delivered

Quickly delivered on time

Verified Purchase 14/06/2023

Instant Glowing skiin

Product helped me to get an instant glowing skin, my skin quality was vey poor, after using skinny i can see the difference

Verified Purchase 13/06/2023

Effective to use

The product is very effect i can see the results very well

Verified Purchase 12/06/2023

No issue, works well

Items works great, no issues.

Verified Purchase 10/06/2023

Taste well

It taste good

Verified Purchase 04/06/2023


Never tasted anything like this before

Verified Purchase 03/05/2023

I really liked

The best collagen I've ever bought. I will always buy.

Verified Purchase 01/05/2023

Cost effective

The amount that comes in the can the competitor comes half jar

Verified Purchase 30/04/2023

Dissolve fast

Came in perfect condition! As for the product, the flavor tastes good! A few days of use and already looking forward to the effects to start

Verified Purchase 28/04/2023


Great product, arrived in perfect condition.

Verified Purchase 27/04/2023

Great product

It arrived before the deadline, the product has a very nice flavor, it dilutes easily, I really liked it

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