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Light Digest Whey Protein Cafe Bevarabia 1kg | 100% Pure Protein for Muscle Gain

Light Digest Whey Protein Cafe Bevarabia 1kg | 100% Pure Protein for Muscle Gain

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Multifunction Whey protein for Muscle Growth and Repair

Advanced Blend of WPC, WPH, and WPI

Keep Skin Nourished, Hydrated and Radiant

Boosts Digestive Health and Immunity

Rich in Prebiotics and Antioxidants

Improves Strength and Endurance Levels

  • Belgian Chocolate

  • 28 Servings
  • Zero Sugar added
  • 74% Protein
  • 1 kg Weight

Light Digest is a premium whey protein rich in BCAAs that accelerates Lean Muscle Growth and post-workout tissue repair. This easy-to-digest protein also integrates Biotin, CoEnzyme Q10, and Astaxanthin to enhance protein absorption, repair damaged muscle, and improve the skin texture of people involved in extensive workouts.

Light Digest is a gut-friendly unique formula containing Inulin and Branched Chain Amino Acids that improve workout performance and muscle management regardless of gender or age. When correctly incorporated into a diet, it also aids in weight loss.

With 122 kcal per serving, Light Digest contains 24 g of whey protein per scoop of 36.6 g. Incorporate this daily whey protein seamlessly into your diet, suitable for post-workout recovery or as a convenient meal replacement at any time of the day.


BCAAs: The Muscle-Building ally

BCAAs increase muscle growth. L Leucine activates a pathway to stimulate protein synthesis which leads to muscle growth. 

BCAAs work to alleviate fatigue brought on by strenuous exercise and muscle soreness.

CoEnzyme Q10: For superior athletic performance and a healthy heart

CoQ10 in Light digest enhances heart function, and athletic performance while decreasing fatigue.

It minimizes post-workout inflammation and limits muscle damage after strength training.

Meanwhile, it also protects your skin by reducing sun, pollution, and age-related damage.

Prebiotic:  Better Digestion and Weight Management.

Prebiotics in Light Digest is naturally occurring soluble dietary fiber that helps good bacteria to grow and hence improves digestion. They keep you fuller and satiated for a long helping in  Weight Loss.

With the help of dietary fiber that provides food to friendly bacteria in the gut, & these gut bacteria produce nutrients that keep the digestive system healthy.

The Spectacular Antioxidant for Immune System

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant. It protects cells from damage and also improves immune system functionality.

Astaxanthin in your diet contributes to healthier skin, heart health, endurance, and joint pain.

The secret ingredient for glowing skin, hair, and nails

Light Digest contains Biotin, which helps improve skin texture, radiance, and hair follicle health and nourishes nail cuticles.

A Wide Variety of Flavours

Belgian Chocolate: All-time favorite of ardent chocolate fans. You can never have enough of it!
Cafe Bevarabia: Enjoy the freshness and aroma of Coffee and get that caffeine kick for a powerful workout.
Strawberry Banana: This tangy-sweet fruity flavor is like a whip of fresh spring air. Dive into the madness!


This protein powder mixes very easily with water or milk, depending on your preferences. Just add 20 grams of powder to 200 ml of water or milk, mix vigorously and it's ready to consume! A quick shake, ready to be enjoyed any time of the day. If you are creative by nature, you can easily create your own recipes or try ours. This Whey powder mixes perfectly with certain types of dessert preparations that will satisfy your sweet tooth with a touch of protein. For a healthy and tasty protein boost, go for Light Digest Whey Protein and take it to the next level!

Light Digest Whey Protein Chocolate
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  • Without shellfish
  • Without eggs
  • Without nuts
  • Gluten free
  • Caffeine-free

Whey Blend ( Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein hydrolysate, nature Identical flavor, Sodium Chloride, thickener (INS 415), Di Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Thickeners (INS 466 & 407), Anti Caking Agent, Coenzyme Q10, Digestive Enzymes, & D-Biotin

Contains milk. This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Nutrition Information /36.33 g
Energy  122.60 kcal
Protein  24.00 g
Carbohydrates  3.20 g
Fiber  1.50 g
Potassium  70 mg
Sodium  85 mg
Astaxanthin  1mg
Coenzyme Q10 1mg
Biotin  15 mcg

To prepare one serving, add a scoop of 36g (approx.) to a shaker and add  200 ml chilled water to it. Shake well and enjoy the amazing drink.

People's choice

Verified Purchase 24/03/2024

Taste is good

Protein powders are a matter of taste. My usual powder was discontinued, so after much research, I chose Light Digest because it's Coffee is so versatile and tasty. This is my 2nd purchase and I will continue to purchase. Next will be Strawberry. Let's see if the Strawberry has the usual harsh after taste.

Verified Purchase 17/03/2024

Pretty good value

Protein isn't cheap this does the trick and taste alright for the price point.

Verified Purchase 15/03/2024


This protein have such a good taste. Like other protein powder I have used this one is very good.

Verified Purchase 15/03/2024

Great flavor at a price

What I like about this shake is it is very creamy or smooth once it’s mixed. A lot of others have a chalky or gritty feel to them, but not this one.

I got the cafe bevarabia and it tastes just like a cold coffee. So having this each morning is a really great deal for the taste and quality. I will be buying this for now on as my main protein shake.

Verified Purchase 06/03/2024

Paisa vasool product hai

Morning mein yeh protein shake lena mera routine ban gaya hai. Gym ke baad energy boost milta hai aur muscles recover bhi jaldi hoti hai.

Verified Purchase 22/02/2024

absolutely delightful!

The subtle coffee taste gives my shakes a refreshing kick. Plus, it's easy on my stomach. Highly recommend!

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