for person(s)

100 g
coconut nibs
20 g
agava syrup
40 g
Light Digest Whey Protein (coconut)
2 tbsp
Light Digest Shake (vanilla)
240 g
coconut milk

Protein Coconut Balls

10 min.
Categories : Favorites

Do you want to go back to your summer holidays in one bite? Get to know the heavenly coconut balls! This tropical treat will make you feel like you’re wandering on a warm beach at any time of the year! An exotic and healthy snack? It’s the Protein Coconut Balls!


Step 1: Mix ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2: Put in a blender and blend until the appearance of a smooth mass.

Step 3: Using this mass, shape 15 balls and put 1 psc of macadamia nut inside each ball.

Step 4: Roll balls in coconut nibs.

Step 5: Put the coconut balls in the cooler to firm for 1 hour.

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