Often seen as the ultimate goal, the slim figure is often sought after by many people. This is hardly surprising given that it is often highlighted in magazines, TV sets, films, and in many other areas. Aesthetics or health, the reasons are multiple but above all and above all personal. Discover in this article some reasons that are interesting to know especially if it matches your physical goals!


This is not the case for everyone, but many people do not feel good about themselves and decide to find solutions to remedy this problem. Practicing sports on a daily basis or setting up a diet are good examples, especially if you decide to lose weight. Seeing your pounds disappear over the weeks or even being able to put on your old favorite jeans or the latest dress seen in the store, are things that help you regain your self-confidence. Although this argument remains relative and personal, it is still important to put it forward.


The aesthetic aspect may not have appealed to you, but what about your health? Overweight people are often more prone to disease and physical problems than other people. Indeed, extra pounds can cause someone to be at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart problems or even high blood pressure. In the case of type 2 diabetes, for example, studies have shown that a person who gains 5 to 8 kilograms is faced with a risk twice as high of being diagnosed with diabetes, compared to a person who did not gain weight. It is also useful to know that more than 75% of people with this disease are obese or overweight.

In addition, the extra pounds are very bad for your joints since more pressure is exerted on them. Who says stronger pressure, says faster wear and therefore more common injuries and problems. Among these problems, arthritis is one. This inflammation, acute or chronic, is located at the level of the knee and worsens over time. With each kilo gained, the risk of developing the latter increases by 9 to 13 percent, which is significant and always good to know.


Rather than giving boat advice or ineffective diets, let's quote what is holding you back in your weight loss:

1. Your diet is too restrictive!

So certainly, the reduction in calories consumed on a daily basis is a factor in losing weight, but did you know that your diet can make you fat? Indeed, if you deprive your body of calories and protein too much, it will not be able to maintain your muscles since these are two essential elements for the structure and proper functioning of the latter. To fill this nutritional gap, your body will then burn your muscles ( and not your fats ).!) to function, which will weaken it. The latter will therefore operate in slow motion and burn fewer and fewer calories. To give an imagined meaning, your body works like a car that needs to burn gas to start except, in this case, your gas is your food. It is therefore important to reduce calories while providing good sources of energy to your body.

Good to know: Eat protein! They contain tryptophan which is an essential amino acid that participates in the production of a hormone called serotonin: the hormone of happiness. This will therefore compensate for your sweetest cravings which are signs of cerebral rewards!

2. You prefer slimming waters

We all know that daily hydration brings many benefits to your body such as detoxifying the body or improving your complexion and your skin. Every day, you lose about three liters daily between your trips to the bathroom and your body which naturally sweats at home or at work. It is therefore important to hydrate well throughout the day with neutral waters. Eh yes! The "slimming" type waters that you find everywhere, but mainly in supermarkets, contain far too many minerals. These prevent detoxification in your body.

3. Stop panicking and over-stressing

Stress is a factor that slows you down in your "slimming" progress. Too much stress will increase cortisol levels, a hormone that is important for various chemical processes. Cortisol has good and bad sides. For example, it will promote the storage of fat in your body and cause various problems in terms of the health of your intestines. The solution? It is intrinsically linked to the hormone mentioned above: serotonin. This hormone will allow the regulation of cortisol!

4. It may be due to your health condition

You may be disciplined, play sports, count all your calories and be determined to reach your physical goal but in vain, those damn pounds still won't let go? You may have a disease that causes it. The thyroid or even disorders are the main suspects. To counter them or quite simply to attenuate their consequences on your health, there are various drugs. However, some of them, such as beta-blockers or even psychotropics, will give you a hard time in your slimming quest! A vicious circle then quickly sets in as we enter into an interdependent relationship. It would then be wise to contact your doctor or a qualified nutritionist so that he can enlighten you more precisely.


The reasons for losing weight are different and vary for each of us depending on the relationship we have with our own person and the society in which we live, but one thing is certain, it is good for your body! To optimize your efforts, certain parameters such as overly restrictive diets, inadequate hydration, stress or even your health must concern you. Remember that nothing is impossible except what you decide not to do!

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